August 18, 2022

Here's How to Strengthen Retention in the Healthcare Labor Market

Building partnerships and empowering local talent are imperative to tackling turnover and strengthening retention.

Building partnerships and empowering local talent

With 100,000 nurses leaving the profession in 2021 and as many as one in three nurses currently contemplating leaving, healthcare facilities are facing mounting pressures to bolster their core staff and amplify retention efforts. The current nursing shortage is a workforce crisis, but equipped with the right technology and the willingness to change, it is one that health systems can overcome.

The flight from the full-time workforce is contributing to deep pools of untapped local talent in every community – professionals who have stopped working to raise families or pursue educational opportunities, professionals who have retired early, and professionals who are working part time. These are qualified nurses, certified nursing assistants, and technicians who, in many cases, have not lost their passion for caregiving. What they don’t have is a system that supports their desire for independence, flexibility, and the ability to work in their communities outside the constraints of traditional staffing models. 

These professionals are everywhere, in every neighborhood, and they represent a long-term solution to the current workforce crisis. CareRev’s technology is helping hospitals and health systems access these professionals, develop long-term relationships with them, and build the contingent workforce of the future.  By building partnerships with local, qualified nurses who can fill shifts on demand, healthcare facilities can reduce turnover, strengthen retention, and foster a culture that supports core staff.

Today's healthcare professionals expect greater flexibility

Achieving labor resiliency in the coming years will require a retention strategy grounded in keeping caregiving local and adapting to the desire of many healthcare professionals to remain professionally autonomous and flexible. 

Hospitals and health systems are using CareRev’s technology today to build relationships with experienced, flexible healthcare professionals in their own communities and engage them to fill shifts when there are gaps in staffing. Having a technology-enabled local talent pipeline has allowed healthcare facilities to support their core staff, rely less on expensive travelers, and control labor costs. 

“This isn't like Uber where people are working randomly at random places. These are folks that come back for years. They'll work at two to three units or two to three different facilities, they'll pick up shifts, they'll keep coming for years and years.”
       - Will Patterson, CareRev CEO and co-founder

Watch more on this from Will Patterson and Mark Smith, VP of Workforce Strategy & Analytics at Providence, below:

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With our innovative technology, your facility will gain access to local professional cohorts, increasing your ability to manage real-time staffing needs. Your staffing managers can reaffirm the facility’s commitment to meeting the needs of today’s nurses while:

  • onboarding healthcare professionals in a fraction of the time manual processes require
  • posting shifts directly to professionals from any device, anytime, anywhere
  • unlocking a local community of high-quality talent underrepresented by antiquated staffing systems

Put your facility on the map for modern nurses

Local communities across the country are cared for by thousands of professionals on the CareRev platform. Add your community and facility to this growing list and create a local, per diem pipeline to help alleviate issues that create burnout and shortages.

Discover how to support nurses and increase retention rates

We’re gearing up for a new webinar that walks healthcare facilities through the current nurse retention challenge and illustrates how to amp up retention efforts by helping healthcare professionals create the careers that they want. Join CareRev’s CEO Will Patterson and President and COO at Froedtert Menomonee Falls Teri Lux to learn more about how creating a local, per diem pipeline is helping Froedtert alleviate many of the issues that create burnout and shortages.

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