July 22, 2022

How CareRev Leverages Simplicity to Strengthen Your Healthcare Workforce

CareRev is built to keep things simple so healthcare facilities can connect with local professionals and get a quick response to patient demand.

Today’s workforce will follow flexibility.

In the modern age of healthcare staffing, we know healthcare facilities are struggling to recruit, onboard, and retain healthcare professionals. We also know healthcare professionals across the country are available and actively seeking flexible career opportunities.

To bridge the gap between the two requires practical innovation that empowers a sustainable partnership and that allows a quick response to patient demand. Utilizing per diem work through CareRev provides healthcare professionals with the flexibility to choose their own schedule while also giving facilities flexibility in their workforce options.

CareRev is built to keep things simple. With just a few clicks, our partner facilities can post, fill, and cancel shifts to meet fluctuating demand and to optimize their staffing budgets. Our fully-vetted professionals pick and choose which shifts fit their schedules, empowering them to be more with local facilities and the healthcare workforce overall.

Simplify your staffing approach

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