August 10, 2023

How to Recruit Independent Nurse Contractors

An independent nurse contractor walks to work carrying a duffle bag

CareRev’s technology platform offers healthcare facilities the opportunity to connect with the qualified healthcare professionals in their backyards. On-demand, local talent pools, an often untapped resource, help facilities meet fluctuating patient demands and fill in the gaps of the full-time staff. 

Building a flexible workforce in a new community is best done with a bit of teamwork. At CareRev, we have grown networks of healthcare professionals by collaborating with our health system partners across the country. By tapping into the local communities, we are actively combatting healthcare staffing challenges to ensure full-time staff are supported and patients receive the best care possible. Through a few simple steps CareRev works with facilities to grow their network.

Building the network

Let’s face it, you know your community. To connect with new independent healthcare professionals looking for flexible work alternatives, we need to meet them where they are. Taking advantage of social media channels and job sites are a key piece of the puzzle to successfully growing an on-demand workforce. Healthcare professionals are connected – they are in tune with the opportunities in the area. When both CareRev and healthcare facilities reach out to their communities and promote new per diem nursing jobs, we see the best results. 

Referral program

It’s no secret, healthcare professionals talk! We always hope that professionals will give their support to CareRev and our partners, but it takes work on both ends to foster the relationship. By creating a positive work environment, we give professionals something to talk about. Our referral program encourages professionals to reach out and refer their peers, which in turn builds the local talent pool.

If you are an existing or future partner, we are here to help! From engagement to retention, CareRev works hand in hand with partners to continuously grow and leverage the network of healthcare professionals in their community. 

If you are a healthcare professional working with CareRev, be sure to check out the CareRev referral program to earn up to $250 for every healthcare professional you refer. Visit the CareRev app to access your referral code and link. Healthcare professionals working with CareRev also gain access to a variety of perks including a free DashPass from DoorDash and an exclusive discount on all products in the Lumify app. Take a look at our Perks for Healthcare Professionals webpage to see more offers from our premium partners.

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