October 17, 2023

How to Work in Hawaii as a Registered Nurse: A Guide to Your Dream Shifts

POV of a person relaxing on beach in Hawaii while their friend lays in a hammock.

Hawaii, with its stunning landscapes and warm tropical climate, is not just a vacation paradise but also an attractive destination for registered nurses looking to build their careers in a unique and rewarding environment. Explore the steps to work in Hawaii as a registered nurse, including obtaining a Hawaii nursing license and finding nursing jobs in the Aloha State.

Step 1: Ensure you meet the basic requirements

The first step on your journey to working as a registered nurse in Hawaii is to familiarize yourself with the requirements set by the Hawaii Board of Nursing. The board oversees nursing licensure in the state and ensures that all nurses meet the necessary qualifications.

Before you can work as an RN in any state, including Hawaii, you need to have:

  • A nursing degree from an accredited program.
  • Passed the NCLEX-RN (National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses).

Step 2: Secure your Hawaii nursing license

The Hawaii Board of Nursing is the regulatory body responsible for overseeing the nursing profession within the state. If you're licensed in another state, you can apply for licensure by endorsement. Here are the general steps:

  • Submit an application to the Hawaii Board of Nursing.
  • Provide verification of your original state of licensure.
  • Undergo a criminal background check.
  • Complete any state-specific requirements or exams.
  • Remember to stay updated with the Hawaii Board of Nursing's website for the latest requirements and changes in the licensure process.

Hawaii currently has pending Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC) legislation. In the future, nurses with a compact state license may be able to work in Hawaii without any further licensing requirements. 

Step 3: Search for nursing jobs in Hawaii

Once you have obtained your Hawaii nursing license, it's time to explore the diverse nursing job opportunities available in the state. 

CareRev’s platform for finding nursing opportunities specializes in matching healthcare professionals, including RNs, with facilities that need their skills. It's an excellent platform for those seeking flexibility and competitive compensation, as you can find both per diem shifts and longer-term assignments.

Step 4: Embrace the Hawaiian culture and lifestyle

Working in Hawaii offers more than just a job. It's a chance to immerse yourself in a unique culture rich in history, traditions, and aloha spirit. Attend local events, learn the basics of the Hawaiian language, and engage with the community. This will not only enrich your personal experience but also help you connect with your patients and help provide more holistic care.

Working as a registered nurse in Hawaii is a dream come true for many healthcare professionals. By following the steps outlined in this guide, including meeting the Hawaii Board of Nursing requirements, obtaining a Hawaii nursing license, and exploring nursing job opportunities with CareRev, you can turn your dream of working in the Aloha State into a reality. Whether you're drawn to the bustling healthcare scene in Honolulu or the serene settings of the outer islands, Hawaii offers a diverse range of nursing experiences in a truly unique and breathtaking environment.

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