August 15, 2022

ICU RNs and Nurse Entrepreneurship: Defining Opportunities with CareRev

With CareRev, ICU RNs get to decide which facility, what days, and how many shifts to pick up. They also gain the ability to reclaim a healthy work-life balance.

By Leah Grusczynski

ICU RNs are a vital thread inside the complex tapestry of healthcare. Nurses are the heart of a facility; they provide care for the most critical and fragile patients, specializing in delivering care from within a high-stress environment. Patients are experiencing crises; some are even battling for their lives. ICU RNs are the ones standing at their bedsides day and night.

ICU RNs 101

As part of an elite group of healthcare professionals, ICU RNs are highly trained in critical thinking, problem solving, and using specialized equipment to help promote the healing of patients. They are also experts in communicating crucial, potentially life-saving details.

The ability to make split-second decisions as an ICU nurse is imperative. Patients and families rely on their level of expertise. Navigating moral and ethical dilemmas, collaborating with other healthcare professionals to make important clinical decisions, and making keen assessments are integral parts of care that these nurses provide daily.

Working on CareRev’s platform helps connect knowledgeable, local ICU RNs with healthcare facilities with a need for this level of expertise on demand. The platform partnership also allows these professionals to take command of their careers so that they can recharge each day and return to the bedside prepared to deliver excellent patient care.

ICU RNs working on the CareRev platform

Working an inflexible schedule can cause even the best ICU RN to suffer from burnout. With CareRev, nurses can work per diem shifts that allow them to do what they love on a schedule they set and enjoy the flexibility.

With CareRev, ICU RNs get to decide which facility, what days, and how many shifts to pick up. They also gain the ability to reclaim a healthy work-life balance, ultimately resulting in better patient care.

Let’s look at popular reasons professionals join the CareRev platform:

  • flexible scheduling
  • payment twice a week on Tuesdays and Fridays via direct deposit
  • autonomy to keep resumes, certifications, and credentials up to date
  • referral bonuses
  • opportunity to pick up shifts locally
  • simplicity of using an app to claim shifts, view pay stubs, and clock in and out

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Leah Grusczynski
Leah Grusczynski is CareRev's Interview Team Manager as well as a registered nurse with more than a decade of experience in a variety of healthcare settings . She is passionate about improving staffing to healthcare facilities.

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