September 15, 2023

Introducing CareRev’s Reliability Score: Retaining and Rewarding Healthcare Professionals

A nurse smiles while walking through a hospital corridor during her shift.

There's no doubt that healthcare professionals are always going above and beyond to provide the best care for their patients. Now, CareRev has a system to reward their hard work and dedication with special perks!

Work-life balance is highly valued by busy healthcare professionals. This balance is often tied to flexibility and the availability of shifts. With CareRev’s new Reliability Score, healthcare professionals can actively maintain a healthy work-life balance while being incentivized to keep and complete the shifts they have signed up for.

What is the Reliability Score?

CareRev’s Reliability Score is a badge of honor, showcasing exceptional work ethic and allowing healthcare professionals to stand out to facilities. The metric encourages positive behavior and reduces shift cancellations, ultimately allowing for a larger percentage of shifts to be filled. The Reliability Score is a baseline of a completion rate/score, with extra factors that contribute to earning or losing points. 

CareRev app screen showing an example Reliability Score.

How Reliability Score Works

Each healthcare professional starts with a score of 100. They can then earn points for various actions, including the completion of a shift. Other opportunities to earn points include receiving kudos and being favored by facilities, or even earning points when a facility cancels their shift. Points are lost if the professional cancels a shift 1-5 days in advance, and double the points are lost if the professionals cancels the shift within 24 hours of the start time. 

Maintaining a score of 93+ allows professionals to gain early shift access to available shifts before anyone else can see them!

A chart showing how different shift scenarios impact your CareRev reliability score.
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