November 30, 2021

Meet CareRev’s Newest Board Member: Deborah Poole

Deborah Poole brings her Boston tech industry experience to CareRev. Check out why she’s a great fit for our tech-savvy team.

CareRev is pleased to announce Deborah Poole will be joining our board of directors. As an executive and experienced advisor to high-growth tech companies, Deborah’s leadership will prove invaluable as CareRev continues to grow at our rapid pace.

“We’re thrilled to welcome Deborah to our Board of Directors,” says CareRev co-founder and CEO Will Patterson. “We were interested in someone outside our immediate network with a fresh perspective as well as experience in enterprise software, scaling high-growth and public companies, and hiring executives. Deborah brings that and more. Her background with high-growth, marketplace-oriented companies will be a huge asset moving forward.”

About Deborah 

Based in Boston, Deborah brings a deep familiarity with what makes CareRev tick. She knows how to build and scale tech companies as well as how to build effective marketplaces. Her expertise in building trust among multiple stakeholders and balancing their needs has proven impactful when companies start to move swiftly.  

She gained much of this experience while holding leadership roles for Wayfair, the online home furnishings retailer that grew from $250 million to $2.5 billion between 2009 and 2019 and that had an IPO in between. As global head of talent acquisition, she scaled a team into a 400-person operation that hired 10,000 people in 18 months. 

After Wayfair, Deborah served as Chief Business Officer of WHOOP, a consumer wearable SaaS company, as it grew its revenue six times over. There, she closed multi-million dollar deals and played an active role in fundraising. She also served on the board of Drizly, the alcohol delivery marketplace recently acquired by Uber for $1.1 billion.

Climbing the highest mountain

As the newest board member, Deborah brings ideas on how we can serve healthcare organizations as well as healthcare professionals. “The end users of CareRev expect a really rich, helpful, professional, intuitive experience,” she says. “That’s the minimum to keep them engaged. CareRev has a dual challenge in that it works directly with hospitals and healthcare systems but also has relationships with the individual healthcare professionals.”

CareRev’s relationships with both types of customers are the foundation that will allow us to keep them seamlessly connected for the foreseeable future. “Building relationships inside of healthcare systems takes a long time,” Deborah says. “But when you make that effort, something substantive and meaningful is possible. I’m impressed by the company’s willingness to climb the highest mountain first because I’ve seen that pay off in other industries.”

“Who wouldn’t want to be part of something that is embracing the future of how people want to work?” Deborah says. “Healthcare systems can either hold on to the way they’ve always done things and stay chronically understaffed—which is a detriment to literally everyone—or they can listen to what their professionals are telling them about how they want to work. And CareRev has the platform to make this work possible.”

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