May 25, 2023

Nurses Month 2023: Highlighting CareRev Nurses

We asked some CareRev nurses why they chose the profession - here’s what they said:

Nurse Trusted.

National Nurses Month takes place every May and is a call out to recognize and empower the nurses that we all rely on. While at CareRev we aim to celebrate nurses every day, this month we chose to take it even further.

In honor of National Nurses Month we asked some CareRev professionals why they chose nursing. From passion to work-life balance, CareRev nurses show up, and for that, we couldn’t be more thankful.

Why did you choose nursing?

Naomi CareRev registered nurse headshot

“I love nursing because I love the flexibility it allows me with motherhood. I’m more present in my family life since working with CareRev. I’m also grateful for the opportunity to meet and change peoples lives, as well as my own.”

- Naomi, Registered Nurse

Maddy CareRev ER registered nurse headshot

“I love nursing because of the opportunities it brings. You are never “stuck.” There are always different paths available. CareRev has been such an amazing experience with the perfect example of flexibility while still doing what you love.”

- Maddy, ER RN

Christine CareRev registered nurse pediatric and adult emergency nurse headshot

“Nursing is something that brings me joy because I am able to educate and help others while also bringing a little bit of happiness back into someone’s day that may be experiencing the worst day they have ever experienced. I love that I am able to add a smile or a hug to both the patient and their family whenever they need it most.”

- Christine, RN - Pediatric/Adult Emergency Nurse & NICU

Melanie CareRev ICU registered nurse

“I chose nursing for the flexibility in the field. The ability to work in so many different specialities and different sites gives you the ability to constantly be moving and learning new things!”

- Melanie, ICU RN

Brittany CareRev RN, BSN, FNP student headshot

“I love nursing because of the many opportunities it brings. It allows me to explore different avenues as I constantly evolve through life and my career all while making a difference in patients lives. Everyday as a nurse is an opportunity to learn something new, meet new people, and network in ways that can leverage my degree. The connection I have with my patients are the icing on the cake. They constantly reassure me that I have a naturally healing spirit, and nursing was the right choice for me.”

- Brittany, RN, BSN, FNP Student

Olivia CareRev registered nurse bsn, emergency department headshot

“I chose nursing because I wanted to help care for people in their time of need and help make a positive impact “

- Olivia, RN BSN - Emergency Department

Morgan professor of nursing and CareRev ER and ICU nurse headshot

“I love nursing for the variety and flexibility. There is a specialty out there for everyone and you can always switch it up if you need a change. Nursing always brings new and exciting challenges, with no two days being the same.”

- Morgan DNP, CCRN, FNP-BC, Professor of Nursing & ER/ICU Nurse

Jeanette CareRev ICU registered nurse headshot

“I love nursing because I get to help people in need. People are at their most vulnerable time when they don't know what comes next. I'm here to bridge that gap and make their hospital visit more enjoyable and ease their anxiety. Nursing has also afforded me the ability to travel as it is very flexible and you can do anything your heart desires including become a travel nurse. Nursing will definitely be a part of my life forever.”

- Jeanette, ICU RN

Vanessa CareRev registered nurse, ADN, BSN headshot

“I’ve always been a critical thinker and nursing has allowed me to sharpen that skill. I’m able to take care of those who can’t care for themselves and I’ve become a resource for my family and friends. I genuinely love what I do! 6 years ago my life changed when I became licensed and I’m forever grateful for all my experiences.”

- Vanessa, RN, ADN, BSN

Tamica CareRev registered nurse, BSN and med-surg headshot

“I chose nursing as my career path because I have always wanted the opportunity to help people the same way my family members were helped. Another reason I chose to become a nurse is that work life balance. I’m able to spend time with my family and work per diem. I feel that I’m living my true passion and purpose in life.”

- Tamica RN, BSN, Med-Surg Tele

Christina CareRev registered nurse headshot

“I got into nursing because I wanted a stable and flexible job and I knew I enjoyed working with people and helping others.”

- Christina, RN

Nicole CareRev registered nurse headshot

“Nursing was never something I saw myself doing as a kid or a teenager growing up. I struggled to find a major or a career that would best suit me, but I had strong interests in science. In college, nursing kind of found me. I switched majors. I fell in love with anatomy and pathophysiology. I enjoyed learning about the nursing process. Fast forward to my first nursing job and it all clicks - the application of everything I’ve learned, seeing the effects, and seeing how they make a difference to the lives of the patients I have cared for.

I have been an emergency department nurse for about 7 years now and I love it. I’ve had the pleasure of traveling to different hospitals to work in their emergency departments and care for different types of patient populations. This career has given me the opportunities to travel, have a great work/life balance, and meet some great people! I am grateful for these experiences!”

- Nicole, RN

Tia CareRev registered nurse headshot

“I love nursing because I’m able to make new friends while serving our communities across the country!”

- Tia, RN

Victoria CareRev registered nurse headshot

“When asked for the very first time what I wanted to be when I grew up I instantly replied “a doctor” but then after my great-grandma was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and constantly in the hospital I realized quickly that it’s the nurses who have the most impact on a patient, well at least in my eyes. In the 3rd grade I’d learn how to empty her foley and ostomy bags, as well as administering her tube feeds to gravity. I was always so eager to learn more and overly passionate about caring for others. In the 9th grade one of my favorite humans beings, my grandpa was diagnosed with lymphoma and prostate cancer and there I was again a high school freshman jumping into action being his “nurse” at home. This just solidified that nursing was truly for me. 10 years later that favorite person of mine was diagnosed with lymphoma again, this time with me being a registered nurse. And no matter the distance between us (because I became a traveling nurse) I was still his go to. Most people do things for themselves, but I do this for them. So here is to being my grandpa’s favorite nurse! 

The love I have for being a nurse is boundless. I pride myself on providing extraordinary care to not only my patients but their families as well. It’s so rewarding knowing that I’ve made a difference in someone’s life. This is a profession that truly never stops giving. The opportunity of growth is almost unlimited.”

- Victoria, RN, BSN, DNP

Jonathan CareRev acute care registered nurse headshot

“I love being a positive impact and putting a smile on people's faces during a challenging health period in their lives. Nursing and CareRev, allow me to do this on my own terms, practice nursing at the top of my career with Flexibility, care and compassion, and as my own boss!”

- Jonathan, Acute Care RN

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