May 16, 2024

Nurses Week Spotlight: Celebrating Exceptional Dedication and Care

A collage of six nurses who shared what nursing means to them.

As we reflect on National Nurses Week, we honor nurses around the world for their compassion, expertise and ability to make a life-changing impact on their patients. This year, we highlighted six remarkable nurses who utilize the CareRev platform. Each has shared a quote about what nursing means to them, offering a glimpse into why they do what they do. Join us in celebrating their achievements and recognizing the vital role they play in providing top-quality healthcare.

Erika L. (Med Surg Telemetry RN)

"Nursing has proven to be the one unique thing that both challenges and inspires my heart, body & spirit." 

Brittany D. (ICU RN)

“I have always loved science and the power of medicine, and when I became a nurse, I learned that being a nurse was so much more. Being in the hospital as a patient is not fun for the patient or the family. I find it so rewarding to give my best to them so their experience and healing process is the absolute best. For me, being a nurse is not always about the medicine or science, but the ability to provide the little things that can make all the difference”.

Marisa M. (Med Surg Telemetry RN)

"Quality care and concern is important so that the patient has a positive healing experience while in the hospital."

Edwenna O. (CNA)

When I walk into work each day, I strive to care for each patient as though I’m caring for my very own family. Patients and families avoid doctor visits, hospital stays and put off long term care simply because healthcare scares them. I became a CNA to give patients and families the time for peace and rest while receiving adequate care for them gives me the energy, strength, and everything in between to provide best care with compassion, empathy, and grace. CNA’s are often overlooked and the job is frowned upon but I love being a CNA.”

Krystal W. (BSN, RN)

“The most important thing to me about my job is advocating for my patients. I want to ensure that their voice is heard and all of their needs are met. I love seeing my patients heal and putting a smile on their face. I cherish every moment with them; even through the hard times when family or loved ones couldn’t be there during the pandemic.

For example, I once stood in my patients airborne isolation room for an hour to shave his face. He had been hospitalized with COVID and had a full beard at this point. He did not like his beard and was not able to shave his face on his own due to his oxygenation status. I wanted to go above and beyond to make him feel good. One hour later and 6 of the hospital disposable razors, he had a clean shaven face. We then FaceTimed his family and the smile he had was so rewarding to me. His family was so happy too. This is why I love my job.”

Criza F. (Med Surg Telemetry RN)

“I am thankful to be in this profession because it gives me the opportunity to connect to someone’s life directly. To hear patients say  I was their ‘Angel’ and that I made an impact in their lives makes my heart full and it’s what keeps me going to continue to do the work I do. And that’s why I love being a nurse!”

To Erika, Brittany, Marisa, Edwenna, Krystal, Criza, and nurses everywhere—thank you for all that you do, you are the heart and soul of healthcare, and your contributions are truly invaluable.

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