October 18, 2022

Podcast: Empowering the Healthcare Workforce of the Future with Technology

Listening to nurses and taking action on their needs is crucial in the modern landscape of healthcare.

Listening to nurses and taking action on their needs is crucial in the modern landscape of healthcare. It’s about more than monitoring staffing levels; it’s also about building a resilient and flexible healthcare workforce and providing a path that empowers nurses.

In a recent podcast with Becker’s Hospital Review, our own Susan Pasley, RN, VP of Clinical Solutions, and Lauren Goston, RN on the CareRev platform, explored the urgent need for hospitals and healthcare facilities to commit to understanding nurses’ needs. Your facility understands the current staffing climate concerns: a swell in workforce burnout, a decrease in nursing school enrollments and graduations, and an increase in nursing retirements. This podcast sheds light on how empowering nurses, integrating technology, and building the workforce of the future work hand in hand.

Let’s take a look at the insights offered by these experts.

Nurse and healthcare worker flexibility

Susan Pasley:

“I think that your story is one that will resonate with a lot of our audience as well as a lot of caregivers who found themselves in similar situations in the pandemic. But when you were longing for a change, how did you stumble upon CareRev?”

Lauren Goston:

“That's actually the funny part of the story here is that I found CareRev through a member of my team. She was working with me in the facility that I was director of nursing at, and she told me a little bit about CareRev. And as I said before, I was really looking for a change. What really attracted me to it was that the flexibility was unbelievable. You can obtain that work life balance that I personally was so desperate for.

So I realized that was the biggest driver. It allowed me to claim my life back as a person in society and not just a nurse or director of nursing with these huge responsibilities I was carrying. I have a big passion for track and field. I've been coaching that for a number of years. So I found myself able to do that again. My husband is in the industry. We were both just burned and with all that was going on, and truthfully, there was no off time. So at that point I looked into CareRev and again, the flexibility really attracted me and so I decided to make the switch at that time.”

Susan Pasley:

“Yeah, the desire, I think, and the need for flexibility continues to be a theme of what we're hearing from so many healthcare professionals.”

Lauren Goston:

“Autonomy has been a huge impact. The autonomy that a lot of us nurses look for is right there. You feel really connected with the employers. CareRev's team has just been amazing and very responsive and very supportive in the switch. You're never without a question answered. It's really easy.”

Flexibility, technology, engagement.
CareRev is shifting the healthcare staffing narrative.

Healthcare staffing technology

Susan Pasley:

“There are different work models that are available, and when a health system can combine those together to get the best staff in their doors, that ultimately it's for the good of the patient and producing the best patient outcomes possible. Can you tell me a little bit about what a typical day or week looks like for you using the CareRev marketplace?”

Lauren Goston:

“Sure. So the app is a part of my daily routine. It's my guide for the week. I look at my personal calendar and then schedule my shifts accordingly, which is something that I've never been able to do in my career.

It's just a daily thing for me. I'll go on the app, see what shifts are available. Typically I'll look a week ahead, sometimes a couple weeks ahead, and then I just schedule accordingly. It's very intuitive. Everything's on your phone. I've really never had to log into CareRev's website on the computer. It's super easy. And so as today we are always using our telephones, CareRev is just right there at your fingertips.”

Nurse and healthcare staff engagement

Susan Pasley:

“Having had the opportunity to meet you and get to know you over the last six months or so, on behalf of the nursing profession, I'm really glad that you found a way to stay in a profession that's really fulfilling, because it would've been a loss had you decided not to be a nurse anymore.”

Lauren Goston:

“Thank you. That means a lot, especially when it's my first career and the only thing that I know. So I always say that making the switch to CareRev just changed everything for me. And I think it's changing the direction of healthcare and the industry as a whole.”

Susan Pasley:

“Well, that's fantastic. If you have the ears of the leaders at healthcare organizations, health systems, and hospitals, what is one thing that you would like them to walk away from this podcast knowing about solutions like CareRev?”

Lauren Goston:

“I will say CareRev offers you a local pool of credential nurses to pull from with a wide variety of backgrounds that can help you address the staffing crisis and they are ready to be in working with your facility as soon as today.”

Susan Pasley:

“I think that this is a really important conversation that we have to have, and all of us at CareRev know that so many hospitals are seeking to really listen and learn more from healthcare professionals like yourself about what they need and how they can support you, again, continuing to do what you love, providing direct patient care, and staying in the industry.”

Check out a clip of the podcast here:

From serving as a healthcare staffing platform built by a nurse for nurses to providing healthcare facilities with simple technology that directly connects them with quality local per diem nurses and clinical talent seamlessly, CareRev is shifting the healthcare staffing narrative.

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