January 31, 2022

Prioritize Nurse Mental Health with More Support, Better Strategy

Improving support for nurses begins with including them in conversations about their needs and workloads.

34% of nurses report they are emotionally unhealthy. Many of those nurses work in high stress atmospheres such as the ED or critical care.
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When your nurses are included in strategic planning, they are more likely to feel engaged.

They are also likely more confident in the care they deliver.

On-demand staffing can impact that engagement and foster a culture that acts intentionally in support of better emotional health.

Action tip: Staff at top-of-license with per diem professionals to better support your internal team. Partner with CareRev to support your organization by:
  • filling shifts in minutes
  • tackling complex cases
  • offering flexibility and prevent burnout
  • stepping away from long-term contract labor costs

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