August 25, 2022

Reclaiming Your Resources with the CareRev Difference

Choosing a staffing solutions that best fit your facility’s needs can be overwhelming. The answer to remains simple: focus on the people.

In the ever-evolving modern healthcare landscape, it can be overwhelming to choose which staffing solutions best fit your facility’s needs.

You’re currently managing a team who is understaffed. You and your fellow administrators are spending more time on the floor to cover shifts, but that’s merely a quick fix. You need a more sustainable approach, but you lack the time and the resources to explore your options. Your clinical team feels burdened - and burned out - and you know that the back to school season will most certainly bring more requests for time off.

Traditional agencies can help you manage that load, but you need an additional partnership. Agency contracts can:

  • be frustrating for professionals, as they can box them into schedules that aren’t sustainable
  • exacerbate feelings of professional burnout, further complicating your staffing crisis
  • be inflexible and costly, leaving your facility with fewer alternatives

Leveraging a healthcare staffing ecosystem

This is where CareRev is built differently. We play a vital role in the staffing ecosystem. We are not an agency; instead, we use technology to connect you with local vetted professionals who want to pick up shifts at your facility.

“There are thousands of agencies out there competing to staff nurses for similar 13-week contracts for the same hospitals nationwide. The competition is real, and the agency market is saturated. Here at CareRev, the best part is that we are not an agency."

- Peter Kaddis, CareRev Healthcare Recruiter

The major difference between CareRev and agencies is the fact that professionals do not work for us. Instead, they are independent contractors. These professionals are local to your area and are picking up shifts because they want to.

Facilities like yours are able to save money by not paying travel, lodging, or MSP fees. With CareRev, professionals claim the shifts they want to work without the constraints of a contract.  This allows professionals the flexibility they need to get back to the bedside.

Let’s take another look at the example above. Here’s how CareRev can shift that paradigm:

Your team was understaffed, but you read this recent interview with Will Patterson, CareRev CEO and founder. You thought about the extra work you and your fellow administrators have been putting in to cover shifts when Will said, “All we’re doing is taking where labor wants to go and matching it to what the healthcare systems need.”

Nurse on the CareRev platform taking a patient's blood pressure

You reached out to CareRev because you wanted to ease the burden of your team - especially those at patients’ bedside.

Now as a CareRev partner, your facility has the flexibility it needs to tackle those back to school season requests for time off as well such requests for the upcoming holiday season. You and your fellow administrators have the time to delve back into projects your roles call for and the resources needed to scale staff quickly based on patient need with Joint Commission-certified quality professionals.

You’ve significantly reduced your facility’s labor costs overall and are now building connections with previously untapped, high-quality per diem talent from your local community.

Unlocking the benefits of CareRev partnership

We build a partnership that provides your facility with technology and an innovative staffing model that:

  • keeps on-demand caregiving local, reducing your facility’s reliance on high cost/long-term contracts associated with travel and staffing agencies
  • improves retention with local professionals who are invested in your community
  • automates much of your facility’s scheduling and the workflow
  • improves operational efficiency that allows your facility to make better staffing decisions
  • leverages the experience of professionals with decades in the field
  • modernizes your facility’s approach to professionals’ needs, allowing them to remain in the healthcare community based on schedules that best suit their needs

The answer to staffing challenges remains simple: focus on the people. With CareRev, your facility can do just that.

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