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CareRev is ready to support healthcare facilities through volatile staffing demands caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Our flexible talent pool includes relevant specialties such as ER and ICU RNs, Respiratory Therapists, and CNAs. If you need staffing help and want to join our marketplace, please call (415) 223-9964. 

June 3, 2022

Scaling Up: CareRev’s Multifaceted Approach to Recruiting & Credentialing

Thorough interviews, credentialing, and background checks deliver a superior clinical float pool. Our workforce management platform mobilizes a local on-demand workforce to meet patient demand.

CareRev approach to recruiting and credentialing

Thorough interviews, credentialing, and background checks deliver a superior clinical float pool.

At CareRev, we understand your facility’s need to maintain patient satisfaction. That’s why we’ve built a workforce management platform to mobilize a local on-demand workforce and help you meet patient demand in real time.

That starts with ensuring our clinical professionals undergo a rigorous vetting process.

Our goal is to streamline your work and provide you with a smooth staffing experience. We take the hassle out of building, vetting, and curating a pool of talent in your local community and customize a recruiting plan based on your organization's staffing needs.

Take a look at the CareRev approach:

  • Our interviewers are experienced clinical professionals who have the ability to ask the right clinical questions and conduct detailed conversations to ensure we provide qualified, local talent to your facility.
  • We proactively drive communications with our professionals - prior to credential expiration - to ensure our professionals are always in compliance.
  • We appoint a CareRev expert to partner with your facility and ensure all professionals are up-to-date on your evolving educational needs.
  • We continuously research and comply with new standards from The Joint Commission.

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