March 7, 2024

ViVE 2024 Takeaways: Spotlighting Nurses & AI

Hear from Susan Pasley, CareRev CNO, as she recaps her takeaways from ViVE 2024

Susan Pasley, CareRev CNO speaks at ViVE 2024.

Coming back from a great few days at #ViVE2024 and thrilled to share that the nurse's voice was heard! Big kudos to the VIVE organizers for recognizing the need to deliberately include nurses in conversations around healthcare technology with the first-ever dedicated Nurse Innovation area. Last week’s events offered so many insightful discussions, but here are a few of my takeaways:

⭐ Nurse staffing took the spotlight – The labor shortage continues to be a top priority for health systems, but now the focus is on how new models like virtual nursing and AI can help solve the issue.

⭐ Nurses are getting into the business side of healthcare – We are seeing an emergence of nurse-founded businesses, and nurses are also embedding themselves in leadership positions in businesses and hospitals. Nurses are leveraging their experience at the bedside to address the challenges plaguing healthcare systems across the country. Some great nurse-owned companies that participated included InvestHealth, Breakalgo, and Primary Record.

⭐ The need for data integrity – As we move into the era of AI, now more than ever, health systems must implement robust data management strategies to succeed.

Finally, thank you ViVE for the opportunity to speak alongside John Whyte, Kyna Fong, PhD, Peter Bonis, and Sunil Dadlani. It was wonderful bringing together different perspectives on how AI can benefit healthcare systems moving forward. See you next year!

Susan Pasley
CareRev CNO, MS, BSN, RN

Nurse staffing remains a crucial issue for healthcare leaders.

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