January 20, 2022

What Nurses Want: Achieving Balance with Flexibility

Engaging expertise like yours calls for easing burnout. CareRev professionals are taking command of their careers and seizing flexible work opportunities.

73% of nurses and nursing students said facilities should implement more flexible scheduling

Engaging and retaining professionals like you means easing burnout and reducing stress.

This support is vital as you tackle continuing education, tend to caregiving duties, and find a healthier work-life balance.

CareRev professionals are taking command of their careers, working when they want and where they want:

  • 64% joined CareRev because they needed a flexible schedule
  • 58% planned to pick up shifts occasionally
  • 42% have a full-time job

Providing flexibility allows CareRev to partner with professionals who are ready to leave burnout behind and bring their best selves to every shift.

Action tip: Join the movement to pick up shifts that fit your schedule and lifestyle. At CareRev, you can access local, flexible shifts from 500+ hospitals and health systems across the United States straight from your smartphone with the CareRev mobile app.

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