August 18, 2022

Why Digitizing the Modern Healthcare Workforce Matters

Digitization is a powerful movement within healthcare. Our Chief Growth Officer shares how CareRev utilizes in-house data algorithms to ensure competitive pay and a thorough vetting process. 

Digitization is a powerful movement within healthcare.

But it can be difficult to visualize where digitizing and technology adoption can fit into your facility. From embracing expensive AI to implementing machine learning, your facility’s team can feel overwhelmed by the opportunities solutions offer.

However, there are realistic and sustainable solutions that can benefit your facility without making costly technological mistakes.

Recently, CareRev Chief Growth Officer Amanda Duke chatted with Becker’s Hospital Review about how our platform utilizes in-house data algorithms to ensure competitive pay and a thorough vetting process stakes out top healthcare talent.

“At CareRev, we believe digitization allows us to vet professionals against the same high quality standards that hospitals require of their very own employees.”
- Amanda Duke, CareRev Chief Growth Officer

Check out more from Amanda in a podcast clip below:

With CareRev, your facility can leverage its community of fully-vetted professionals who are transforming the narrative of healthcare work each day. Their commitment to their patients, their profession, and their communities is profound. Now, they are extending that commitment to include themselves by actively seeking on-demand opportunities and claiming command of their schedules.

Gone are the days when facilities take on the risks and the time-consuming manual processes involved in recruiting, vetting, and onboarding professionals. Thanks to digitization, CareRev:

  • provides facilities with peace of mind
  • seamlessly connects them with high quality professionals in need of flexibility
  • empowers teams with technology to quickly advance onboarding

Access the full podcast below to learn how CareRev makes digitization simple and impactful.

Drive digitalization with CareRev

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