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Transition to a flexible workforce with technology designed for the future - CareRev FlexWork.

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A healthcare employee looks at the CareRev workforce management platform on her laptop.

Staff the right people at the right time

Proven technology used to plan and fill patient and census demands with a flexible workforce model.

CareRev FlexWork provides real-time updates, in-app notifications, and shift scheduling across your flexible resources to help you fill more shifts faster and prepare for fluctuating staffing demands with a tech-enabled workforce.

A tech-enabled solution to stabilize labor costs

CareRev FlexWork tools and technology ensure you can consistently provide high-quality care and an improved patient experience.
  • Manual tasks are reduced: Staff has more time in the day, increasing productivity.
  • Staff engagement increases: Flexibility gives staff choice and autonomy, improving quality of care.
  • Shifts are filled cost-effectively: Access to professionals on-demand reduces the need for travel contracts.
CareRev's workforce management staffing platform.

Reimagine your workforce flexibility

API connections with your current softwares streamline processes and our tools help you get the most out of FlexWork.

Post your on-demand shifts, anytime and anywhere.

Manage scheduling effortlessly and seamlessly.

Remove manual outreach with in-app direct communications.

Prioritize staff for shifts and access CareRev professionals if needed.

Optimize the allocation of your staffing budget.

API connections with your current software.

Creating the workforce of the future—today

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We have filled over 477,000 shifts across 770 facilities nationwide. Let our years of experience and technology help you.

Expand to on-demand and fill more shifts faster

CareRev Marketplace gives you access to the largest pool of qualified, contingent clinical professionals, plus intelligent tools to quickly identify and fill staffing gaps.

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