Watch the webinar: The right to work as an independent nurse is a fight for equality

How the Independent Workforce model provides health systems with the flexibility to efficiently respond to patient demand
Nurses stand in a circle as they discuss.

Burnout has always been a part of nursing, an effect of long working hours in physically and often emotionally taxing environments, but the pandemic exacerbated burnout and left many wanting to leave the field. Nursing today is dominated by women — 90% of the workforce identify as women, many of whom are leaving their careers due to the lack of flexibility and freedom to plan work around their personal lives.

At CareRev, our technology platform allows healthcare systems to build a more sustainable and resilient workforce today through a direct connection to available, qualified healthcare professionals in their community.

Our on-demand webinar, The Right to Work as an Independent Nurse is a Fight for Equality, highlights why preventing nurses–particularly women–from their ability to work as independent professionals in the midst of a workforce crisis is detrimental and disenfranchising.

During the webinar, you’ll discover:

  • How the Independent Workforce model provides health systems with all the resources to staff up and down depending on patient demand, giving hospitals the flexibility to efficiently respond
  • Learnings and insights on a growing body of research that shows that independent working arrangements increase labor force participation for women
  • How CareRev is helping nurses achieve the flexibility and independence they deserve

Meet the webinar speakers:

Susan Pasely, Chief Nursing Officer at CareRev.
Susan Pasley
Chief Nursing Officer, CareRev
Liya Palagashvili
Senior Research Fellow with the Mercatus Center at George Mason University
Sarah Carter
Registered Nurse using CareRev's platform

Watch the full webinar:

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