September 16, 2022

4 Steps to Boost Retention During Recruitment

Healthcare facilities continue to struggle with recruitment and retention, an urgent challenge that demands solutions that empower modern professionals.

infographic showing 4 steps to boost retention during recruitment

Healthcare facilities continue to face struggles surrounding recruitment and retention.

Now with the experience of a global pandemic under our belts, facilities like yours are examining how to tackle these struggles more efficiently - and more cost effectively.

Today’s professionals are battling burnout, added responsibilities and long hours due to staffing shortages, and the lack of flexibility and opportunities to take command of their careers. These concerns pose an urgent challenge to facilities, one that demands a pivot to practical and innovative solutions and strengthening recruitment and retention strategies in ways that empower modern professionals.

To boost retention during recruitment requires an approach that adds career flexibility for professionals and that gives your facility access to professional cohorts who are ready to tackle real-time staffing needs. CareRev’s arm of the staffing ecosystem is ready to connect your staffing managers with experienced professionals and provide the support your facility needs in navigating the staffing crisis.

As a SaaS-based marketplace technology platform, CareRev can easily implement all four of the above steps into your facility’s staffing operations and ensure high quality local talent enters its doors.

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