June 28, 2022

Activating the CareRev Network Model

Today’s workforce will follow flexibility. With CareRev, your facility will offer just that to a latent pool of clinical professionals seeking new and diverse local work options.

CareRev network model

Today’s workforce will follow flexibility.

Offering that flexibility allows hospitals and healthcare systems like yours to meet professionals where they are. With our partner network model, the CareRev team enables you to optimize your workforce and reduce labor costs.

The turnover rate for staff RNs in 2020 was 18.7%. Based on that, hospitals are project to lose $3.6 million - $6.5 million per year if the 2020 trend continues.

However, the average hospital will save $270,800 per year with each percent decrease in RN turnover costs.

Combine the above loss with travel contracts - costly commitments that are perpetuating shortages across the country - and it's easy to recognize the need to tap into a solution with a focus on retention. With CareRev, your facility will get just that.

Count on CareRev as a powerful piece of your staffing ecosystem to:

  • keep caregiving local
  • reduce reliance on one-dimensional staffing approaches
  • experience fewer staffing shortages
  • reduce the circulation of travel
  • stifle professional burnout
  • increase safety and operational efficiency
  • develop and retain local talent
  • reduce friction in onboarding per diem professionals

We make it easy for clinicians to work for local healthcare systems on a part-time basis while ensuring Joint Commission-certified quality. We’ll handle recruiting, interviewing, credentialing, and conducting background checks. You post open shifts and tap into superior local talent.

Bonus: there are no required minimum or maximum number of shifts to start scheduling your community’s professionals today.

Retain and sustain your workforce

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