November 27, 2023

CareRev Recognizes Caregivers During National Family Caregiver Month

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Caregiving is one of the most selfless and impactful roles an individual can hold. This November, CareRev recognizes National Family Caregiver Month, acknowledging and honoring the dedicated work of our nation’s caregivers.

While it is certainly no easy task, caregivers put their time and effort into serving those in need, often for a loved one, a family member, and even strangers as a healthcare professional. Fulfilling the vital role of a caregiver often means juggling multiple responsibilities at home and your job. For this reason, it is crucial that caregivers are offered the level of flexibility they need in order to bring the best versions of themselves to everything they do.

Women consist of more than 75% of the nation’s caregivers and nearly 84% of healthcare professionals. Oftentimes, women in the healthcare field serve as caregivers in the workplace, while also having family members to tend to at home. Women caregivers are typically left with very little time to prioritize themselves amidst all of the other responsibilities they have on their plates. 

Here are a few ways you can support a caregiver:

  • Offer emotional support. Taking care of a loved one can pose many challenges, especially as a sole caretaker. Letting caregivers know they aren’t alone and giving them a space to openly talk about their challenges and concerns can be a tremendous help.
  • Help out with daily tasks. Caregiving responsibilities can become so demanding that caregivers struggle to find time to complete everyday tasks. When you can, offer to help out with simple chores like laundry, meal preparation, or cleaning to show your support. 
  • Give them recognition. Caregivers do essential work and make sacrifices that often occur behind the scenes. It's important to let them know that their efforts are appreciated, providing them the recognition they deserve for their dedication.
  • Provide flexibility. While flexibility for personal caregivers can be challenging, we should provide professional caregivers as much flexibility as possible to ensure that they are able to manage the roles they play at home and in the workplace, while also having the space they need to take care of themselves. 

CareRev empowers professional healthcare caregivers to pick up shifts when it makes sense for them. This allows healthcare professionals to prioritize their own needs and schedules while still fulfilling their caregiving duties. We offer the flexibility to take on multiple roles and support caregivers who care for patients at work, and double as a caregiver at home. 

This month we want to take a moment to celebrate and appreciate our caregivers, as their hard work and sacrifices make an incredible difference in individuals’ lives and throughout their community. 

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