May 15, 2023

National Women’s Health Week: Caring for Yourself and Your Patients

During National Women’s Health Week, CareRev is empowering women to prioritize themselves.

Two women talk after a self-care workout.

It’s easy to disregard your own health when you are so focused on those around you. Women often take on the role of caregiver which means, at times, their lives revolve around taking care of a loved one while balancing a career and other life responsibilities. This National Women’s Health Week, CareRev encourages women to carve out time every day to focus on their mental and physical health, and emotional wellbeing. 

Many women in the healthcare industry are managing feelings of burnout, stress and fatigue. Healthcare professionals including nurses – nearly 84% of which are women – have faced extraordinary challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the healthcare industry as a whole is still struggling to bounce back.

During National Women’s Health Week, CareRev is empowering women to prioritize themselves. 

To all of the healthcare professionals out there… 

  1. To care for the people around you, you must look after yourself. Every day, you are taking on one of the most critical roles as a healthcare professional. It’s imperative that you are practicing self-care and checking in on your mental and physical health in the same way you check in on your patients. For example, when on shift, use breaks as an opportunity to take 5-10 minutes for yourself; go for a quick walk, unplug, take a few deep breaths, hit ‘play’ on your favorite song.
  2. Listen to your patients. Women often feel dismissed when seeking medical treatment. It’s important that women feel heard so that they can continue to advocate for their own health and wellbeing. 
  3. Motivate the women around you to prioritize their health and wellbeing as well. In the hospital, healthcare professionals work as a team. While you support your patients and yourself, it’s important to also be an ally for the women and team members around you.

At CareRev, we offer exclusive perks to provide healthcare professionals on the platform with holistic support for their whole life. CareRev’s premier partners including, Keeper, and Adni make it easier to tackle the day to day challenges at work and at home. 

When needed, healthcare professionals using the CareRev platform can take mental health days in order to come back to work rested and refreshed. As an independent contractor working with CareRev, there is no worrying about whether or not your shift will be covered – you create your own schedule. The ability to pick up shifts when and where it makes sense in the local community enables professionals to take care of themselves and in turn allows them to better serve their patients. We are proud to support women in the field as they enrich the lives of the members of their communities. 

If you are a healthcare professional working with CareRev, be sure to check out the CareRev referral program to earn up to $250 for every healthcare professional you refer. Visit the CareRev app to access your referral code and link.

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