August 22, 2023

CareRev's Solution for Complex Healthcare Decisions

Healthcare leaders meet to discuss difficult staffing decisions.

Amid the ever-evolving healthcare landscape, executives are confronting a multifaceted dilemma. With operational costs outpacing revenue, and escalating labor and supply expenses, healthcare leaders find themselves at a crucial crossroad; making essential decisions to uphold both quality care and financial stability.

In a recent article by Becker's Healthcare, Mark Behl, the Executive Vice President and COO of Froedtert & The Medical College of Wisconsin, succinctly captures the common feeling: "'We can do anything, but we can't do everything'. Many other healthcare leaders experience this same sentiment when grappling with constrained resources, increasing costs, and dependence on expensive labor contracts. While intricate, the decisions they must make hold the key to the survival and prosperity of healthcare systems.

The reality of service line closures and staffing shortages

In recent months, Becker's Healthcare has reported on 42 hospitals that had to discontinue essential services. These services include maternity care, long-term care, and behavioral health units. The predicament stems from a nationwide staffing shortage that transcends financial capability. Even well-equipped facilities may have to close departments if they can't find enough staff to ensure safety.

Envision a hospital's maternity care unit filled with the joy of newborn arrivals and the care of new mothers. Yet, this narrative transforms into one of agonizing choices due to staffing shortages. Despite having the capacity to offer essential services, hospitals are compelled to close these units, disrupting patient care and perpetuating a cycle of depleting resources and eroding morale.

CareRev's advanced solution: A paradigm shift in healthcare staffing

Rooted in visionary agility and cost-effectiveness, CareRev presents a transformative solution that encompasses flexible staffing, financial strength, and promoting well-being.

CareRev weaves a network of pre-qualified healthcare professionals, providing a lifeline for leaders contending with staffing dilemmas. This network ensures uninterrupted patient care by seamlessly filling shifts, bolstering an agile and adaptable workforce. With over 22,000 professionals already covering over 425,678 shifts across the nation, CareRev's impact is palpable.

Apart from addressing staffing needs, the platform's direct connection significantly reduces premium labor costs, allowing for the redistribution of resources and financial resilience. Certain partners have already reaped savings exceeding $6.3 million by embracing a flexible workforce model. This approach also addresses nurse burnout by introducing diverse staffing resources  and ensuring an equitable distribution of shifts, rejuvenating the nursing workforce and enhancing patient satisfaction.

Redefining workforce management

CareRev understands that healthcare leadership is not just about responding to challenges—it's about shaping the future. Beyond its pool of skilled professionals, CareRev offers a comprehensive and flexible healthcare workforce management solution, fostering an environment conducive to optimal care for both staff and patients. This multifaceted approach rests on the foundation that outstanding healthcare requires a harmonious blend of skilled professionals, streamlined processes, and innovative technology.

A holistic approach 

CareRev's commitment to better care transcends the placement of professionals—it extends to reimagining how healthcare facilities manage and utilize their workforce. CareRev’s flexible workforce management solution is a testament to this dedication, catering to the diverse needs of healthcare institutions. Whether you're seeking PRN services, centralized staffing visibility, or the revitalization of your float pool program, CareRev's user-friendly platform delivers a seamless experience.

Real-time insights, seamless coordination

Gone are the days of relying solely on staffing agencies or travel nurses to ensure your hospital has the right staff to fill shifts promptly. CareRev's platform empowers healthcare leaders with real-time updates, in-app notifications, and efficient shift scheduling—centralized in one accessible location. This results in improved coordination, streamlined communication, and the ability to address staffing gaps promptly, enhancing patient care quality.

Reducing administrative burden, boosting efficiency

One of the core benefits of CareRev's flexible workforce management software lies in its suite of integrations and support, designed to lighten the administrative load and improve efficiency.  The platform's API connections enable smooth integration with your existing software, simplifying processes and minimizing operational friction. Capabilities also extend to time and attendance management, including automated timecard approval based on your specific business rules. 

Proven results, expansive reach

The impact of CareRev's approach is evident. With over 477,000 shifts filled across more than 700 facilities nationwide, CareRev has become a trusted partner in ensuring healthcare institutions have access to the right professionals when and where they are needed most. This improves patient care and gives healthcare leaders data-driven insights to make important decisions and save money.

A transformed future beckons

CareRev's transformative influence in healthcare extends beyond filling shifts—it encompasses reshaping the very foundation of workforce management. By offering a comprehensive suite of tools, technologies, and support, CareRev empowers healthcare leaders to navigate the challenges of staffing shortages, operational complexities, and the pursuit of exceptional patient care. As a partner, CareRev stands as a beacon of innovation, enabling healthcare facilities to embrace the future with confidence and an unwavering commitment to the well-being of both staff and patients.

Join us and over 700 other facilities nationwide as we redefine the contours of excellence in healthcare, charting a course towards a brighter tomorrow.

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