July 21, 2022

Dare to Go Digital with CareRev: Staffing That Addresses Shortages

Today’s staffing managers need a centralized platform with key insights on real-time workforce needs and a digital avenue to manage scheduling, onboarding, credentials, and more.

Gone are the days of managing clinical staffing with binders.

Today’s staffing managers need a centralized platform with key insights on real-time workforce needs and a digital avenue to manage scheduling, onboarding, credentials, and more.

Today’s clinical professionals are demanding flexibility and freedom in their careers. They are leaving healthcare in record numbers. According to Forbes, almost 2 million people have quit their jobs in the healthcare space so far in 2022.

Healthcare IT News reports that in a recent survey of nurses:

  • 90% reported they are considering leaving the profession within a year
  • 71% of those with more than 15 years of experience are considering leaving within the next few months

Embracing simplicity in staffing and Improving support of professionals means taking action that address real-time staffing needs. In this ever-changing clinical labor market, CareRev is committed to augmenting your facility’s talent pool and making onboarding and scheduling local clinical professionals simple.

Let’s look at how your facility can futurize its approach amidst the current staffing shortage with CareRev.

How does CareRev address talent shortages?

Clinical professionals are seeing increased levels of burnout, exacerbated by the pandemic’s increased workload and emotional hardships, according to Forbes. Tackling that must include modernizing your staffing approach by adding flexibility to strengthen your clinical workforce.

Facility leaders address talent shortage

CareRev’s efficient, flexible solution functions as a vital part of a staffing ecosystem that promotes fewer staffing shortages, less professional burnout, and increased safety for all. Our platform:

  • streamlines onboarding and scheduling for 1,000s of local clinical professionals
  • reduces your facility’s heavy reliance on traditional staffing agencies or travel contracts
  • keeps caregiving local
  • provides technology to increase operational efficiency
  • centralizes onboarding, scheduling, and timekeeping as a workforce management platform
  • integrates with native systems, including its compatibility with the United Kronos Group Partner Program
  • provides automated credentialing, giving facilities 24/7 review of full credentialing online
  • delivers an online platform for posting shifts directly to local professionals on-demand

Where does CareRev step in?

As the healthcare industry struggles to leverage efficient workforce strategies to manage today's nursing shortage, it also faces rising labor costs. Facilities have been forced to rely on costly, long-term agency and travel contracts, but those are sustainable.

Forbes reports that experts suggest two solutions to help mitigate the healthcare labor shortage: create a more appealing work environment and utilize technology efficiently. CareRev is trusted by facilities nationwide to do both.

CareRev delivers an online platform for facilities to post shifts directly to local professionals on-demand. It provides the flexibility and independence nurses need to maintain a stable and fulfilling career in healthcare. It also provides the technology to secure a direct line to highly qualified professionals who can support full-time staff and alleviate underlying causes of burnout.

Reduce your nursing shortages today

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