August 17, 2021

Is CareRev an Agency?

One of our most frequently asked questions - answered. Learn what sets CareRev apart from the traditional agency model.

Traditionally, when hospitals needed healthcare professionals to cover vacations, temporary vacancies, or a surge in volume, they turned to a preferred staffing agency. But in today’s on-demand society, both healthcare organizations and professionals alike demand a more flexible, immediate alternative. Enter CareRev. 

With a cloud-based platform like ours, healthcare organizations get immediate access to local, experienced RNs, CNAs, MAs, and techs who are available to fill open shifts. And these healthcare professionals get the freedom to choose when, where, and how they want to work, choosing shifts that best suit their schedules and skill sets. 

CareRev and your traditional agency both give you access to healthcare professionals. But the experience is very different. Here are 6 ways CareRev turns the traditional agency model upside down:

1. We’re a technology company that’s disrupting the staffing industry.

nurse picking up shift CareRev app

CareRev is a technology company that gives you the access to healthcare professionals on demand.

We don’t call you with a list of candidates or ask you to fax paperwork. We give you the technology to post open shifts to a growing, qualified roster of healthcare professionals in a wide range of disciplines - all in your neighborhood. 

CareRev professionals include RNs, CNAs, MAs, surgical and radiologic technologists, and more. Our professionals work in critical care (including perioperative), inpatient and outpatient OR, Med-Surg, telemetry, ICUs, EDs, and labor and delivery. We also serve ambulatory surgery centers and long-term care facilities all over the country. 

2. We’re not your typical middleman.

When a staffing need arises in the traditional agency model, staffing managers spend time and energy contacting their agency, waiting to hear back about candidates, verifying their qualifications, and finalizing the terms. In the case of travelers, managers also have to agree to a rigid contract of 12-13 weeks that puts strain on their bottom line and even their ability to schedule internal resources.

CareRev eliminates the back-and-forth between the agency and staffing manager through technology. All CareRev professionals are already fully vetted, with licenses verified and background checks performed, and ready to claim shifts from their phone as soon as they’re posted on the platform. This local, on-demand talent pool is continuously curated by CareRev based on your needs and requirements and remains available to fill staffing gaps only when they arise - no need to commit to full-time or a traveler contracts. If you do want to hire one of our professionals full-time, something not allowed by many agencies, we offer the option to start the process through our platform.  

Through CareRev, staffing managers can bring in per-diem talent right away rather than waiting on travelers to start their contract. And because the process is technology-enabled, it’s more efficient than the traditional agency model. Now, staff can devote more attention to higher-value tasks.

carerev vs traditional staffing agency
Key differences between CareRev and a traditional staffing agency.

3. We’re agile.

CareRev offers a technology-enabled, flexible workforce that rapidly adjusts up and down with patient demand. Use CareRev to augment your existing team only when you need to and right when you need to: CareRev works in real-time, so as soon as you post a shift, healthcare professionals can see and claim that shift instantly.

4. We help you optimize your existing team, too.

Staffing agencies supply temporary staff. CareRev not only gives you access to experienced talent on demand, but also helps you optimize your existing internal resource pool. 

CareRev’s Cascade feature lets you float staff from low-demand fully staffed facilities to high-demand understaffed facilities. This helps you reduce overall labor costs and keeps employees engaged. When you need to, you can “cascade” open shifts to CareRev professionals.

5. We’re here for you 24/7.

Like hospitals, CareRev operates 24/7. When a crisis overwhelms the ER at 2 a.m., you can post shifts within minutes. When you broadcast the shift to a large network, odds are good a night owl professional will respond.

6. We offer a simple, stress-free experience.

nurse viewing carerev on tablet

CareRev’s easy-to-use interface works on any device: mobile, tablet, laptop, or desktop. It’s also easy to implement without help from IT. The CareRev team works with you to create online orientation materials that professionals review right from the app on their own time. When our professionals show up to work, they’re fully briefed and ready to go. If they need in-person orientation or training, they can schedule that through the app.

The long answer to the short question is this: no, CareRev is not an agency.

We are a technology company that gives your facility the tools to tap into a local pool of experienced, fully vetted healthcare professionals.

And we do it in a way that’s easy to implement, easy to use, and easy to fit into your facility's existing staffing model.

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