June 27, 2022

Harnessing the Power of Local Curated Talent To Bring Workforce Relief

Build your facility’s pool with flexible, fully vetted per-diem professionals who are ready to hit the ground running, driving sustainable labor savings year-after-year.

Internal float pools provide critical support for hospitals and health systems. But where does your facility go when its float pool isn’t enough? A curated talent pool of local clinical professionals can successfully serve as a third workforce, giving your staffing managers control and flexibility over scheduling and driving sustainable labor savings year-after-year.

What is a local curated talent pool?

A local curated talent pool refers to a network of experienced clinicians ready to help you close staffing gaps at a moment’s notice. By curated, we mean that the network is already fully vetted. You can rest assured professionals from that network have the credentials to provide high quality patient care.

CareRev curates talent through its rigorous vetting process. That process starts with a background check and license verifications, and continues with an RN-led interview. Hospitals and health systems that implement CareRev can curate their talent pools further by favoriting high-performing professionals in our system.

Whether you engage flexible talent on a per-diem basis through a platform like CareRev, or develop a different type of program to hire local talent, facilities can realize significant labor savings by recruiting from their surrounding community. The following examples illustrate the power of leveraging your local workforce.

Developing and empowering local talent

While healthcare organizations can tap into professional cohorts to manage real-time staffing needs, they can also optimize their approach to meet the needs of today’s healthcare workforce. That includes action plans for developing and empowering local talent through hiring, onboarding, and retention policies and processes such as:

  1. building up diversity, inclusion, equity, and belonging initiatives
  2. creating clear growth tracks and leadership pipelines
  3. investing in professional development resources
  4. actively researching the best outreach strategies to connect with local talent
  5. collaborating with internal professionals to identify local qualified referral candidates

Being intentional in talent management and retention can show your facility’s commitment to its community and to being a culture of care.

Local talent and long-term gains

As the rates for travelers continue to climb, healthcare organizations can achieve significant cost savings by curating a local talent pool. Build your facility’s pool with flexible, fully vetted per-diem professionals who are ready to hit the ground running.

At the same time, develop a long-term strategy by innovating how you connect with your community for full-time roles, including those who seek to develop their skills to become the experienced professionals of tomorrow.

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