August 12, 2022

How CareRev Boosts Staffing Through Strong Retention and Recruitment Efforts

Shape a more sustainable approach to your facility's needs, lower labor costs, and engage professionals for stronger retention and a more balanced work environment.

Healthcare facilities across the country continue to struggle with meeting staffing needs. With 100,000 nurses leaving the profession in 2021 and as many as 1/3 of nurses currently contemplating leaving, the healthcare community is facing a labor crunch.

To meet patient needs and maintain quality care standards, facilities must reimagine solutions to staffing challenges with a focus on improving retention and recruitment efforts for the nursing profession.

Enter CareRev, a SaaS-based marketplace solution designed to meet facilities and healthcare professionals where they’re at.

How CareRev boosts retention and recruitment within nursing

CareRev provides the flexibility modern healthcare professionals now demand. Whether they want to pick up extra shifts to pay off debts or create a schedule that better fits their life goals, our app helps them claim more professional and personal autonomy.

This is a major advantage in today’s labor market. CareRev seamlessly transitions between native systems, making it simple for your facility to leverage our technology and add shifts based on real-time patient needs. Your facility can tap into its local talent pool, keeping caregiving in the community and gaining access to undiscovered, highly qualified professionals.

Additionally, you can count on professionals on the CareRev platform to pass our Joint Commission-certified onboarding process. Patient safety is a passionately reinforced priority here at CareRev, and we take great pride in supporting safe and positive clinical experiences for our facility partners.

Managing labor costs with CareRev

Transforming the future of staffing doesn’t have to break the bank. Labor costs can make up as much as half of a healthcare facility's total expenses - if not more. COVID has also chipped away at labor margins for facilities.

With CareRev, your facility will have the flexibility it needs to significantly reduce labor costs. Our technology allows your facility to scale staff quickly and optimize internal resources while sourcing previously untapped, per diem talent. We shape a more sustainable approach to your needs as an integral part of the staffing ecosystem by helping you manage costs and decrease burnout among your internal team. More engaged professionals mean stronger retention and a more balanced work environment.

Meet the CareRev team at SHSMD 2022

CareRev will be exhibiting at the upcoming SHSMD Conference in National Harbor, MD.

Stop by booth #221 September 11th-14th during exhibition hours and learn more about how CareRev’s staffing solution is revolutionizing healthcare with unparalleled efficiency, controlled costs, complete compatibility, and qualified professionals.

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