July 22, 2022

The Joint Commission and CareRev: Partners in Healthcare Excellence

Thanks to our Joint Commission-certified onboarding process, patient safety remains a passionately reinforced priority here at CareRev.

When patients search for care, they want to ensure their chosen facility has the highest of standards in patient safety, expertise, and value. In healthcare, the Joint Commission leads the way as the nation’s oldest and largest certifying body and has one of the most respected reputations in the industry.

Its standards are informed by experts, focusing on what is needed to provide safe, high-quality care. What this means for CareRev clients is peace of mind that you’re getting the best of the best recruiting and onboarding services.

As a Joint Commission-certified, SaaS-based platform connecting healthcare professionals and facilities on demand, we take great pride in our onboarding process – one that vets talented local professionals and empowers them to work where and when they want.

CareRev nurse taking a patient's blood pressure

How CareRev vets talented local healthcare professionals

To be fully vetted with CareRev signifies professionals meet or exceed our standards:

  • a clinical interview conducted by a licensed, experienced RN with 3+ years of direct patient care
  • a background check
  • confirmation of required immunization records and certifications (customized by position, by specialty)
  • regulatory learning modules (as required by facility, by specialty)
  • orientation and precepting shifts as required by facility

All RN interviewers at CareRev are licensed with multiple years of experience in various healthcare settings. They use their clinical judgment and assessment skills, as well as scripted scenario-based clinical questions to determine their qualifications. Professionalism and minimum experience requirements are also reviewed to ensure the highest quality care is provided by CareRev professionals.

Partnering for healthcare excellence

Rigorous in nature, our onboarding process ensures your facility receives local talent ready to perform at top of license. This process helps us continue to create safe and positive clinical experiences for both professionals and facility partners.

Thanks to our Joint Commission-certified onboarding process, patient safety remains a passionately reinforced priority here at CareRev, and professionals arrive work-ready to provide care at facilities across the U.S.

Strengthen your healthcare workforce

Partner with us in healthcare excellence
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