September 21, 2023

Master the ‘Tripledemic’ with CareRev’s Strategic Edge

The 2023 'tripledemic,' is set to place an exceptional burden on healthcare facilities. Learn how CareRev is uniquely equipped to help.

A nurse looks into the camera wearing full personal protective equipment.

In the face of an unprecedented healthcare challenge, professionals are gearing up for a convergence of trials: the impending flu season, the resurging COVID-19 threat, and the ever-present danger of the respiratory syncytial virus (RSV). This combination, termed the 'tripledemic,' is set to place an exceptional burden on healthcare facilities. At the same time, the persistent issues of nurse burnout and staffing shortages are intensifying as care demands reach extraordinary levels. 

Healthcare facilities need long-term strategies, and CareRev already has a proven track record of navigating through 7 flu seasons and a major pandemic. Our comprehensive solutions empower your workforce and stand as a steadfast defense against burnout, ensuring an unwavering commitment to the delivery of high-quality care not only during flu season, but throughout the entire year.

Our mission is to make sure healthcare facilities are ready with the right professionals for every need, all the time. By bolstering your workforce flexibility and lowering your dependence on costly contracts, we know facilities will have what they need to provide the best patient care, all while reducing labor costs.

A juggling act

Navigating through flu season has always been a challenge for healthcare executives, who must balance unpredictable patient volumes with cost-effective staffing. The looming 'tripledemic' intensifies this struggle, requiring a level of flexibility that traditional staffing models struggle to provide.

And the challenge doesn’t stop there. Healthcare professionals were already grappling with an ongoing crisis themselves: burnout. Nurses, in particular, find themselves navigating between their commitment to patient care and their own well-being, dealing with long hours, emotional strain, and relentless pressure. The upcoming season threatens to exacerbate this issue as the surge in patients further strains an already exhausted workforce.

CareRev: Two solutions, one goal – enhancing care, reducing costs

As the healthcare landscape continues to evolve, it's clear that the old models of staffing and workforce management need a strategic overhaul. At CareRev, we're not just providing solutions; we're revolutionizing the way healthcare facilities approach staffing. 

With over 7 years of collaboration with esteemed health systems, we've forged the largest on-demand healthcare workforce, supported by a cutting-edge technology platform with CareRev Marketplace. Today, we extend this expertise and innovation to redefine your workforce strategies with CareRev FlexWork.

CareRev FlexWork: Efficient workforce management solution

Amidst the 'tripledemic' and flu season challenges, CareRev FlexWork stands as a crucial solution for efficient workforce management. This integrated platform simplifies scheduling, optimizes staffing, and enhances operational efficiency to alleviate the hurdles posed by these healthcare events.

With CareRev FlexWork, you gain full control of your flexible staffing resources, ensuring every shift is efficiently staffed. It streamlines scheduling, offers real-time adjustments, and provides valuable insights for informed decision-making and cost reduction. This solution empowers you to navigate the unpredictability of patient volume during flu season and the 'tripledemic’.

Key features:

  • Full visibility and control of your flexible staffing resources.
  • Reporting and insights to improve decision-making and reduce labor costs.
  • One place to manage, schedule, and post shifts in real time or in advance.
  • In-app communications remove manual, ad hoc, and nonselective outreach.
  • API connections with your current software to streamline processes.

In addition to these features, CareRev FlexWork provides solutions for automated time and attendance approvals, as well as simplified onboarding for new staff. These measures significantly reduce administrative burdens, which are particularly crucial in times of high demand.

CareRev Marketplace: Your additional staffing solution

CareRev FlexWork optimizes your workforce management, but as patient demand surges, you may encounter the persistent staffing shortages that have long challenged the industry. The 'tripledemic' intensifies this issue, demanding a proactive approach to staffing solutions.

Enter the CareRev Marketplace—a dynamic force with access to over 22,000 flexible, pre-qualified healthcare professionals, ready to step in when you need them most. This isn't just about managing patient surges; it's about thriving in the face of adversity. By shifting from costly contracts and old ways to this agile model, you'll not only slash recruitment expenses but also break free from the shackles of travel agencies. 

The CareRev Marketplace is your strategic advantage. It's about maximizing cost-effectiveness, ensuring seamless coverage, and fundamentally revolutionizing how you manage labor expenses.

Charting a bold path forward in healthcare

Today's healthcare demands more than resilience—it requires adaptability and foresight. Centralized workforce insights and empowered staff are not just advantages; they're necessities. Similarly, empowering your staff for the future isn't merely a goal; it's crucial. At CareRev, we not only understand these imperatives but deliver the solutions to meet them.

We stand with you in this new era of care. Through CareRev FlexWork, the CareRev Marketplace, or a combination of both, we offer more than solutions; we offer a path to success throughout seasonality and beyond. This is the CareRev commitment, a future-ready solution ushering in a new era of healthcare excellence.

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