November 9, 2023

Proven Flu Season Staffing Solutions

Two nurses talk and walk away from the camera down a hospital hallway.

Is your healthcare facility ready for flu season?

As Autumn begins, healthcare facilities prepare for a surge in demand as more patients seek assistance for flu-related illnesses. This uptick comes at a time when the healthcare industry is already grappling with a significant amount of staffing shortages nationwide. 

The toll of the pandemic, coupled with the demands of providing quality care, has left facilities strained and professionals exhausted. Join us as we learn about flu season challenges in healthcare and CareRev's successful solutions that have already conquered seven seasons.

The surge in patients

During the 2021-2022 influenza season, the CDC estimated that influenza was associated with 9 million illnesses, 4 million medical visits, 10,000 hospitalizations, and 5,000 deaths. These numbers showcase the strain on healthcare resources, which result in overflowing emergency rooms, extended wait times, and a critical need for more staff. This pressure, compounded by the pandemic's aftermath, highlights the shortage of skilled professionals. Factors like an aging population, retirements, and heightened demand for specialized care contribute to this challenge.

Nurse burnout, an ongoing concern, has also intensified. Long hours, high patient loads, and emotional labor impact these dedicated professionals, affecting the entire healthcare system. The industry needs urgent solutions to support overworked nurses and ensure high-quality care for patients.

The drawbacks of costly travel contracts

Travel contracts are no longer the go-to solution for healthcare facilities struggling with demand and shortages. Here’s why:

  • Financial Strain: The high costs associated with travel contracts, including inflated hourly rates and accommodation expenses, rapidly strain healthcare budgets.
  • Communication Hurdles: Effective communication is vital in healthcare. Constant turnover of travel staff may hinder teamwork, resulting in lapses in critical information sharing and patient care.
  • Resource Depletion: Using temporary staff under short contracts takes away time and resources from healthcare facilities' administrative teams.

Healthcare facilities are seeking smarter, more sustainable alternatives to costly travel contracts as they prepare for the demands of flu season. This change aims to balance staff needs and financial stability, ensuring the best care for patients.

Sustainable solutions to flu season staffing 

CareRev's technology solutions offer healthcare facilities tested and innovative answers to workforce hurdles that have long plagued the industry.

Access professionals on-demand

By understanding the challenges faced by healthcare facilities and flu clinics in hiring nurses and other healthcare professionals, CareRev developed the CareRev Marketplace. Its advanced technology platform connects facilities with a flexible pool of pre-qualified healthcare professionals on-demand. This approach streamlines the hiring process, eliminates recruiting costs, and establishes a resilient and adaptable workforce.

CareRev has already partnered with over 700 facilities nationwide, ensuring they're ready to take on this flu season without the need for last-minute shift coverage or excessive labor costs.

Efficient workforce management

As a healthcare solutions provider, CareRev also offers a comprehensive workforce management solution. CareRev FlexWork integrates full-time, part-time, and per diem staff in one location, optimizing flu season staffing.

This SaaS-based tool helps manage your diverse workforce, provides useful reports, and helps make cost-effective decisions. It makes shift management easier, reduces the need for manual communication, and improves efficiency by working with existing systems.

Flu season triumph

Whether you're looking to simplify your workforce management, secure pre-qualified healthcare professionals on-demand, or a combination of both, CareRev has your flu season needs covered. Its innovative staffing solutions empower healthcare professionals and facilities to deliver consistent care, even in the face of unprecedented demand.

With CareRev, the future of healthcare staffing appears more promising, flexible, and sustainable. Don't let this year's cold and flu season burden your resources. Reach out to CareRev today and explore a more efficient way to staff your facility.

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