December 14, 2022

CareRev Gives Back to Nurses This Giving Tuesday

This Giving Tuesday, CareRev had the opportunity to give back to nurses by donating to UNM's nursing scholarship fund.

Since 2012, Giving Tuesday has motivated people and organizations across the globe to do good. It was started to spark the idea of “radical generosity,” offsetting the Black Friday and Cyber Monday holiday spending. Taking care of each other is an important goal of Giving Tuesday, ensuring that participants are able to give back and create a stronger community around them.

This year, we at CareRev are focused on supporting the future of healthcare at UNM College of Nursing! UNM ensures the tradition of excellence in nursing education while growing the next generation of nurses for our healthcare communities. It's also where our CEO/Founder Will Patterson started his career in the neurosurgical ICU unit. There is pride in being able to give back to those who gave you a shot in life first, something Will wanted to accomplish with this donation drive. 

Our employees made an effort to donate to UNM’s nursing scholarship fund, with CareRev matching each employee donation. UNM is the top nursing program in the state of New Mexico and this scholarship allows a student the opportunity to study within this program without the added stress of figuring out how to pay for tuition.

For CareRev, we understand what it means to “care” - it’s in our name! It’s what we do every day for the professionals on our platform. From providing workplace flexibility to mental health services to other work/life balance support, we have always been there to ensure our professionals are able to be their best selves every day.

Employees of CareRev took this chance to give back. The amount donated covers a semester’s worth of tuition for a UNM nursing student, giving them a better chance at success without having to worry about costs. With this event, we hope to extend this mindset of giving back to future events and partnerships to better our communities. Giving back and supporting healthcare professionals is what we care about!

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