May 2, 2023

Mental Health Awareness Month: How health systems & facilities can improve the wellbeing of the healthcare workforce

Mental Health Awareness Month offers us a moment to reflect on the wellbeing of our healthcare workforce.

nursing professional looking out the window feeling stressed

Mental Health Awareness Month offers us a moment to reflect on the wellbeing of our healthcare workforce. Healthcare professionals continue to report record-breaking levels of burnout in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. It is our duty, as members of the healthcare community, to more consistently support the mental health and wellbeing of our healthcare professionals

A recent survey showed that almost 50% of nurses are fatigued or burnt out. Although the public health emergency is coming to an end, healthcare professionals are continuing to face mental health challenges. During the pandemic, 22% of the healthcare workers reported moderate depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder, yet 45% noted they were not receiving adequate support. 

Mental Health Awareness Month is a reminder for the healthcare industry to prioritize its workforce and develop programs that will not only listen to the needs of nurses, but actively improve the lives of healthcare professionals. Without taking steps to empower healthcare workers to focus on their mental health, we risk losing thousands of talented professionals who have worked tirelessly to save patient lives. In just a few years, it’s expected that 67% of nurses will leave the industry – adding to the already overwhelming staffing crisis that health systems and facilities are confronted with day after day.

Especially during stressful times, healthcare professionals need the flexibility to build a schedule that makes sense for their daily lives. Whether it’s having the time to attend a child’s soccer game, being there for an aging parent, or taking a mental health day, healthcare professionals want more control over their time in order to balance life and work. CareRev gives healthcare professionals the chance to pick up open shifts in their area to work around life events, and take time off when it’s needed. In turn, hospitals and healthcare facilities can directly connect with professionals using CareRev to supplement their staffing schedules and better support their full-time staff members. 

“During the pandemic, CareRev allowed us to provide relief and give our staff PTO,” said one health system Chief Human Resources Officer. With a new pool of professionals ready to step in, health systems and facilities are able to dedicate additional staffing resources, combat burnout felt by their full-time staff members, honor PTO requests and limit over-time shifts. CareRev helps facilities keep qualified talent in the industry, because we know that showing up for our healthcare workforce will enhance their ability to do what they do best – show up for patients. 

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