May 10, 2024

Unlocking Nurse Engagement and Retention: Insights from the Becker's Webinar

A nurse, physician, and surgeon walk side by side down a hospital corridor in friendly conversation.


The healthcare industry is undergoing a transformative period, with hospitals and healthcare systems facing staffing challenges in the post-pandemic landscape. To address these issues, CareRev recently participated in a webinar with Becker’s Healthcare titled, "A Fresh Perspective on Attracting Qualified, Engaged Nurses," focusing on innovative solutions for nurse engagement and retention.

Key Themes and Insights:

The webinar emphasized the importance of flexibility in nurse engagement and retention. Panelists highlighted how offering flexible work arrangements can attract nurses seeking greater control over their work-life balance while ensuring quality patient care.

Panel Discussion Highlights:

Karley Chase, a professional who utilizes the CareRev platform, shared her experiences working across various healthcare facilities. In reflecting on her experience, Karley emphasized the importance of taking the leap into a more flexible career path, stating, “If you ever had a thought about it… you just need to go try it out.” Her encouragement speaks to the transformative potential of embracing flexibility in nursing careers, highlighting the value of exploring new opportunities and the benefits that can come with it.

Candace Jackson and Kymmi Miller, from CareRev's clinical solutions team, provided insights into CareRev's role in addressing staffing challenges and promoting nurse engagement. They highlighted the platform's ability to help facilities match nurses with the specific needs of each unit, ensuring high-quality patient care. Kymmi highlighted the impressive credentials of nurses using the platform, with 80% possessing a BSN and having significant experience in the field.

Additionally, Candace underscored the importance of understanding each facility's unique requirements and ensuring a seamless fit between nurses and units. She emphasized CareRev’s commitment to building long-term relationships with both nurses and facilities, fostering stability and continuity in staffing. As Candace stated, "Our goal is to find professionals who are invested in the community and the facility."

Throughout the discussion, the theme of flexibility emerged as a crucial factor in addressing nurse staffing challenges. The CareRev platform offers nurses the freedom to set their own schedules and work where they're needed most. This flexibility not only benefits nurses by enhancing their work experience and well-being but also allows facilities to maintain adequate staffing levels and deliver quality patient care. In Karley’s words, "It's no secret that people with over five years of experience are leaving the bedside. They just are. They don't feel that there's a reason to stay anymore."


The webinar provided valuable insights into the evolving landscape of nurse engagement and workforce management in healthcare. By embracing flexibility and innovative staffing solutions, hospitals and healthcare systems can address staffing challenges while prioritizing the well-being of their nursing staff and delivering exceptional patient care.

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