December 19, 2022

Nurse Shift Essentials Part 3: The Thoughtful and Comfortable Gifts

Looking for nurse gift ideas that are both thoughtful and practical? These nurse-approved items are the essentials for staying comfortable during a long shift.

In this third part of our shift essentials gifts guide, we suggest the gifts that can make every nurse’s shift feel more comfortable. There are so many things in the day they have to juggle, and contending with uncomfortable shoes or ill-fitting scrubs should not be one of them. These gifts are all about keeping nurses comfortable so they can tackle more important things, like taking care of their patients.

The nurses we surveyed gave us their top picks on items that make them feel comfortable, which is oh-so critically important when working for hours on their feet.

  • Embroidered FIGS or other preferred brand of scrubs. These stylish scrubs are a favorite! Please note that embroidery may not be allowed. Make sure to check with your FIGS receiver first.
  • OOFOS - These memory foam shoes provide optimal comfort for each shift. Some of our professionals even say they are the best nursing shoes for shifts!
  • URThotics - Custom fit insoles to make sure you keep your feet in tip-top shape
  • Clove underscrubs - It gets really cold in hospitals and facilities and underscrubs help by adding that extra layer of warmth. 
  • Lumify’s uNight Light 2.0 is a light specifically designed with the clinical setting in mind, because it was created by two nurses. Check on your patients without disturbing them with bright lights.

Here at CareRev, we recognize how much work nurses do day in and day out, which is why we believe that comfort should never be sacrificed. These gifts are a surefire way to keep any nurse comfortable and prepared for each shift!

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