December 19, 2022

Nurse Shift Essentials Part 4: The Ultimate Gifts for Nurses

These nurse gift ideas are all about luxury and well-being. Check out nurses' top picks for luxe gifts this season.

In the fourth part of our holiday gift series, we take a look at luxe gifts for nurses. Nurses work so hard and we think a little bit of luxury can go a long way after a long shift or an extra tough week. 

Take a look at what made the cut and add your favorites to your shopping list this season. 

  • AirPods or other wireless earbuds
  • Tracking your sleep has never been so chic until the Oura Ring. Know all your sleep stats, track your REM sleep, and stay well-rested.
  • Have no time for that desperately-needed massage? The Costa Brazil Massageador is an at home massage tool that comes to the rescue for all your sore muscles.
  • A FitBit, Apple watch, Whoop or the fitness tracking device of your choice. Check out our blog on the best Apple watch for nursing.
  • Loftie luxury sound machine for better sleep
  • The OOLER Sleep System is a smart thermostat for your bed allowing for ultimate temperature control for optimal sleep.
  • Nursing Your Way to Wellness - A self care kit to meet your comfort needs! You can also DIY your own with ideas such as a sleep mask, essential oils, and/or weighted blanket

Just because you are a nurse, doesn’t mean you need to forgo luxury. The gifts above will give them the pep in their step to bring their best selves to every shift.

Check out the rest of this series for even more nurse gift ideas:

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